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PAMS 2022
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Arts and Sustainability

‘Sustainability’ is an important challenge that has emerged in the fields of economics, society, environment, etc. It has also become a very important topic in the field of art due to the impact of the pandemic, economic and social changes, and technological advancement.
Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS) is exploring the following three questions about the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of art.

- The pandemic has changed the creation, audience and consumption of the performing arts, and at the same time International distribution went through drastic changes. In this context, how can we define the 'economic sustainability' of art?
- What is ‘environmental sustainability’ of eco-friendly creation, production and circulation in its response to the climate crisis?
- What is ‘social sustainability’ when it is based on diversity, inclusion and equality that reflect social values and changing perspectives?

2022 PAMS is exploring what a healthy art ecosystem is under the topic of ‘sustainability of art’ based on these three questions, while bringing changes that are needed in the contemporary arts field. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for cooperation and sharing the values of art.
PAMS is laying the foundation for sustainable art circulation based on exchange, cooperation and solidarity. Artists and colleagues in the sector will meet face to face for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic at this year’s PAMS for performing arts showcases, discussions and networking programs. As a hybrid event, PAMS will also take place on its online platform, PAMS ON.
In addition, PAMS is presenting PAMS Season for the first time this year. PAMS Season is a collaboration project that brings together individuals and private and public organizations from around the world based on diversity, nowness and the dynamism of the performing arts. Under the theme of ‘Dance’, 2022 PAMS Season is working together with the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company (KNCDC), Seoul International Dance Festival (SIDance) and Seoul Dance Center (SDC) in Seoul, and with Busan International Dance Market (BIDAM) in Busan. PAMS Season is organizing programs that are looking into various trends in the genre of dance in Asian countries including Korea.
PAMS 2022 will provide an opportunity for artists, art groups, producers, festivals, venues and institutions to discuss sustainable art ecosystems, international mobility and art circulation and to identify new and alternative directions. It has been three years since PAMS was last held in person, and we are hoping that this year's in-person event will serve art experts from around the world as a networking event in which they can make meaningful human connection amongst themselves.

2022 PAMS Team


· Period : September. 26(MON) ~ 29(THU), 2022

  • PAMS Dance Season
    - Seoul 9. 25.(SUN) ~ 28.(WED)
    - Busan 9. 29.(THU) ~ 30.(FRI)
  • · Venue : JCC Art Center, JCC Creative Center, SFAC QUAD, Seokyeong Performing Art Center
    · Hosted & Organized by : Korea Arts Management Service(KAMS)
    · Supported by : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, WELCOME DAEHAKRO FESTIVAL, The Japan Foundation, Seoul, JEI Corporation
    · Cooperated with : Seoul International Dance Festival(SIDance), Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC), Korea National Contemporary Dance Company(KNCDC), Busan International Dance Market(BIDAM), Gouvernement Du Québec Bureau Du Québec

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    Program Program Details
    Arts Work circulation PAMS Choice Selected Korean performing artworks
    (full-length and 40minutes performances)
    PAMS Pitching Presentation for Selected Korean and international performing artworks
    Information & Knowledge Sharing PAMS Salon Sharing information about and discussing contemporary issues regarding the performing arts industry
    PAMS Roundtable Small group discussions and informal gathering
    PAMS Table A space for promoting and meeting of performing arts organizations both in Korea and abroad
    Human Connection Speed Dating 1:1 meeting between Korean and international performing arts professionals
    PAMS Night Networking party for more relaxed meetings and talks
    Collaboration & Solidarity PAMS Season A genre, topic and region in focus will be selected each year
    This year, we are introducing PAMS Season ‘Dance’
    PAMS Assembly Performing Arts Festival Network Program